The New Fuel Does New York

After finishing up a busy 2014 we have finally gotten around to posting a recap to our New York trip in November. We were thrilled to compete in the Blackstone LaunchPad Demo Day with 19 other companies from across the country. You can check out the video recap at From drinks at the New York Stock Exchange, meeting Steve Schwarzman, and presenting in the Waldorf Astoria, we had a great time! Enjoy a montage of our New York adventure. Fuel up.


NYSE Podium

TNF Schwarzman

Chicago or Bust



We are excited to announce that we will be attending the Half Rez motion graphics and animation night of debauchery in Chicago! We have a busy couple of weeks coming up! Hopefully more trips are to follow!

Nothing but net

Working on some cartoony sports graphics, just wanted to share a quick shot.

This is just the start of a planned crowd prompt for “nothing but net” which is hilarious because the ball bounces of the rim twice.


Don’t Hate The Player – Hate The Game

Brian and I recently completed another 5 second project for (you can check it out here: After I drew the first three controllers we used in the video, while Brian was animating we decided that I should keep drawing more and complete a whole set.

(click on the image to link to the full size)

HD Background

We think this would make for a pretty cool 3 color screen print, so let us know if you would be interested.

4th of July, Freedom Fuel

Live Free or Die.

Happy Fourth everyone! To celebrate we have been working on a few patriotic illustrations that we wanted to share with all of you.

We’re thinking of making it a tradition to post some cool stuff for you guys for each major American holiday. Let us know what you think.

George Washington, the father of our country. Thanks for being awesome.
(click the image to view at full size)


Happy Birthday, Freedom! Thanks to our buddies in France for the kickass statue.
(click the image to view at full size)



Liberty Front4